Monthly Archives: September 2015

Solo Travel Lonesome Feelings

This subject has come up a bit on travel blogs recently & brought back memories of a time when I felt quite alone, there were no fellow travellers around, not even anyone who shared a language with me. Normally I can easily banish that private voice in my head telling me how embarrassed/stupid/shy & awkward I might feel.

My most awkward experience traveling solo like this was being in a very cheap (like a soup kitchen cheap) Chinese eating place (somewhere in Malaysia) & already feeling awkward & alone an old Chinese man came & sat at the table with me, I quickly realized he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in communicating in any way. It wasn’t until much later I learnt it is Chinese custom/superstition that briefly brought us together to share a table. The number one is very bad luck for many Chinese including being the only one at a table. This old man simply sat with me for his own benefit as well as mine & the establishments. He did seem rather p***ed off when I tried to communicate, even a little, with him, stupid foreigner (me) 🙂