The Burmese border back when tourists were definitely NOT welcome across land borders.

On my first solo adventure backpacking in SE Asia (90s) I hired a trail bike in Nth Thailand & headed deep into the Golden Triangle. At one point having passed many police/army checkpoints (they just wave the Farang tourists through) & the sprawling frontier town of Mae Sai I passed through yet another checkpoint onto a bridge then realized I was approaching a checkpoint with non-Thai writing & English that said “UNION OF MYANMAR” (no welcome!).  Shocked (could I get back into Thailand? Burma was NO GO!) There was another Farang, he laughed, assured me we could re-enter Thailand & took this cool picture 🙂

Burma border 2
One of the very coolest photos of me ever 🙂
Mae Sai North Thailan Frontier town 1990
Mae Sai North Thailand Frontier town 1990

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